Gina Cherkowski

Dr. Gina Cherkowski is the founder of STEAM360. She is an educational game-changer. She believes all students deserve to learn and thrive in the 21st Century. She advocates for hands-on, meaningful, and engaging learning experiences that focus on critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and connection. She believes subjects such as math, science and art need to be carefully integrated in  meaningful ways that encourage and foster the development of spatial skills so that all students are positioned for success. 

Dr. Gina Cherkowski is an innovator and educational change-maker. She holds a double cognate PhD in Mathematics Education and Culture Studies and has extensive experience in teaching and learning as a math remediation specialist, a classroom teacher and a university professor. Dr. Cherkowski is a leader in her field and a mentor to women in STEM. She equips future teachers with the skills, tools and mindsets necessary to be innovative, forward-thinking educators that cultivate the creative, curious and productive problem solvers and innovators of tomorrow.